About Us

Our Director of 18 years, Freda Maxey, is retiring.  Below is the job description and information on submitting a resume.

Resumes will be accepted until September 15, 2015.

Description:  Executive Director 

Works to build and maintain key community relationships and provides representation for the United Way of Leflore County in community events.  Directs the administrative and fundraising activities of the various committees of the United Way, and is highly instrumental in the United Way of Leflore County reaching or exceeding its annual fundraising goals.  Assists in the overall management of resources with the Board of Directors and oversees ensuring that funds are properly allocated and disbursed to United Way Agencies.  Liaisons with the Agencies served by United Way of Leflore County and leads other volunteers in interrelating with and serving these Agencies.

Salary:  $18,000 per year

Education Requirements:  A minimum of two years advanced education beyond a high school degree is preferred.  Commensurate experience will be taken into consideration.

Experience and Qualifications:  A minimum of three years experience working for or with non-profit organizations,  a strong background in community involvement, preferably in Leflore County, MS, and a demonstrated track record of dedicated service to the community.

Additional Information:

The position of Executive Director is considered a part time, community-service position.  The hours of work needed depend on the fundraising activities scheduled at various times during the year, fall being the time of the main fundraising events.   Other events are staggered throughout the year and allow more down time.   These hours will vary from zero hours to as long as 12 hour days, depending on the upcoming event, but hours are anticipated to average approximately 4-5 hours per day,  4-5 days a week.  Much of the work can be done from the individual’s own home.  Slow times are Nov, Dec, Jan.

The Director is accountable to the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, agencies and volunteers.  All decisions are made or approved by the Board or Executive Committee and will be carried out, overseen and/or assisted by the Director.

The Director will be responsible for depositing the donations and using an invoicing bookkeeping system to record each donation or pledge and be able to bill or confirm accordingly.   Currently Quicken is being used.   The Treasurer will write the checks and balance the statements each month.  Two signatures are required on all checks.

The Director keeps the calendar of events and schedules meetings, locations and times for the Board, Executive Committee, various other committees and events.   He/she will duly remind members to attend, bring food or other items, or provide volunteer duties according to the event.

The Director must have knowledge of Parliamentary Procedure to assist in conducting the meetings, generating the agendas and occasionally taking minutes.  All Board and Executive Committee meetings are conducted in this order with accurate minutes recorded and financial statements provided by the Treasurer.

The Director must have strong interpersonal skills, the ability to multitask, be flexible and adaptive, and have excellent computer skills.

The Director is ultimately responsible to see that every event is conducted with the integrity of United Way, its member agencies, volunteers and donors as a priority.

How to Apply:  Please send resume to Dale Persons via U.S. mail at 604 Nicholson Ave., Greenwood MS 38930 or via e-mail to dpersons21@gmail.com  Or contact Dale Persons @ 392-5051 in order to leave your resume in the United Way office located at the Chamber of Commerce, 402 Hwy 82 W., Greenwood, MS


About Us The United Way organization consists of and supports 10 different 501(c)3 charities. This organization exists to allow people to help people through the assembly and distribution of time, talents and treasures given by all citizens of the community, including government, corporate and individual. The corporation will continually provide information to the community to strive toward a goal of everyone giving their fair share; i.e., 1% or 1 hour’s pay per pay period. The corporation is responsible for identifying the needs of the community and filling these needs as completely as the resources will allow in an effort to have a positive impact on each person the United Way helps.

United Way of Leflore County Stats

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